The TAKE Annual Fund

Donations to the TAKE Annual Fund impact nearly every aspect of the development of teachers. Every year, we rely on the generosity of hundreds of donors to deliver important projects for those who have dedicated their lives to teach the next generation.

The Annual Fund provides:

1) Financial aid and support for those enrolled in to continued professional development workshops

2) Financial aid and support for enrolled in to initial teacher development programs

3) Resources for sustaining the high academic standards

And much moreā€¦

Our teachers deserve the best. Together, we can ensure they receive nothing less.


Gifts to the 2011-12 Annual Fund will support the following:

1) Financial aid and support for 3 day Continued Professional Development courses held in Lahore and Karachi in March 2011 for teachers and educational leaders


Who in your mind would be willing to sponsor a teacher development workshop?

Each sponsor has the liberty to donate as little as Rs30,000 or a multiple of Rs30,000. For each donation of Rs30,000, a chair in the workshop will be named in honor of the donor. The entire purpose of this sponsorship is to award scholarship/financial aid to reduce the Rs30,000 price tag for participataion for teachers or educational leaders. In the event all 120 chairs are underwritten in each city, the workshops will be offered a nominal rate of GBP75.