Our Mission

The Trust for Advancement of Knowledge and Education (T.A.K.E) aims to raise the standards of education by being one of the leading contributor to the international body of knowledge, practice and research in the field of education and related social sciences.


To create awareness amongst teachers, school, leaders, governing bodies and government of the value and benefits of educational development and to motivate individuals and institutions to participate.

To organize, to an international standard in Pakistan, workshops, conferences and courses for teachers and Educational leaders.

To found manager and operate institutes pf education for initial teacher training and continued professional development for primary and secondary teachers and furtherance of knowledge and skills of educational leadership, management and administration to existing and potential school leaders.

To offer consultancy and advisory services to intuitions in the public and private sector for capacity development in Leadership, organizational culture, structure, vision policy, operating procedures or other issues specifying to the institution.

To produce educational research of International standard focused on local, regional and international issues & interests.

To extend the services created by the Trust to members of neighboring countries, region and the world.