TAKE Advice


Mr. Colin Wrigley                                                     Chairperson
Karachi Grammar School (KGS)

Mr. Taymur Mirza                                                   Secretary
Founding Principal
The International School(TIS)

Mrs. Zakia Sarwar
Executive Honorary Director & Founder
Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers (SPELT)

Mr. Aein Shah
Head of Education
Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan (AKESP)

Mrs. Qamar Safdar
Head of Education
The Citizens Foundation (TCF)

Mrs. Fauzia Azami Zubair
Dawood Public School (DPS)

Prof. Bernadette Dean
St. Joseph’s College of Women

Mrs Karen Chase Ahmed
Bay View High

Mrs. Judith Bradshaw
Pathways British School

Dr. Saifuddin Siddique
Meritorious Group

Captain Sajid Mehmood
Bahria College

Terms of Reference

The function of the TAKE Advice is to provide independent, external advice to the Trust for Advancement for Knowledge and Education (TAKE).

The official point of contact between TAKE Advice and the TAKE Trustees is via the Secretary of TAKE Advice, who would normally also be the Director General of TAKE.

The functions of TAKE Advice are to:

– Act as a sounding board for new ideas and developments in TAKE

– Advice on the implementation of strategy and direction of TAKE, particularly in terms of issues such
as  Professional development opportunities, social engagement in general and executive education in particular;
image, identity and positioning; and other questions of strategy and direction that may arise

– Help establish and develop TAKE’s position within networks of practice, locally, nationally and international

– Advise on fund raising activities, including identifying opportunities especially those most relevant to the
focus  areas of TAKE

– Assist the leadership and management of TAKE to build and deliver cases for institutional change where these
are required

– Provide appropriate and constructive challenges to the assumptions and operating routines of TAKE

– Provide feedback on all TAKE Events

TAKE Advice meets two or three times a year face to face and on an as-needed basis. Members are kept abreast of TAKE events and developments through emails. TAKE Advice consists of broad cross section of members of the Education fraternity, and should be diverse in terms of gender, sectors and public and private ownership.

The Chair and members of TAKE Advice will normally serve an 18 month term of office and are invited to serve by the Director General of TAKE on behalf of and with the approval of the Trustees.  After 18 months the Trustees may invite a retiring member to serve a further 18 months term of office which would be the normal maximum.

The Trustees of TAKE may in their discretion periodically revise the term of the membership and the terms of reference of TAKE Advice.